Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the warranty on the chairs?

A. The warranty is 12 months and starts from the day after shipping.

Q. I live in the UK but I would like a demonstration, is this possible?

A. As we are only a very small company we only able to give demonstartions on selective locations and dates. Based in South Yorkshire we will do our best to accomodate requests for demonstrations were we can, however please give us a call and we can discuss. Any demonstrations given will, probably be at weekends.

Q. Do I pay for delivery on the wheelchairs?

A. At present we are able to ship the wheelchairs free of charge, however we have a very good rate with our courier agents so if this is not available in the future then we have managed to keep this as low as possible at £30.00 for mainland UK. For delivery outside of this please call us to discuss so we can get an accurate cost for you before you buy.

Q. What is the maximum user weight the wheelchairs carry?

A. The different chairs carry different weights. All the relevant specifications for our wheelchairs can be found in our download section on this website - this includes weights.

Q. How far can I travel on a fully charged battery?

A. The chairs differ on the total distance they can travel, which also take into account terain type as well as uphill/downhill . However on a full charge you should expect to get 20km or 12.5 miles as a minimum.

Q. How are the batterys charged.

A. You get the charging kit with the purchase of the wheelchair. Simply plug in the charger to the battery and power from your normal wall socket. The batterys can be installed in the wheelchair or removed for charging. Our charges are supplied with a standard UK 3-pin plug but we do also have European style plugs if required.

Q. Can the wheelchairs be pushed like a conventional wheelchair?

A. Yes simply unlock the motors (there is a simple easily visable red lever on each of the rear wheels, just switch these to disengage the motors)

Q. How long does it take to charge the batterys?

A. generally 6-8 hours to  achieve a full charge from being flat.

Q. Can the controller be swapped from right to left?

A. Yes this is a very simple operation.

Q. If I stuggle to access wheelchairs from the front, is it possible to access them from the side?

A. Yes both the armrest lift up, so access from the either side is achievable.

Q. My question is not on here, how can I get the answer?

A. Just give us a call or drop us an email. 07955 882083 or We will then add your question to our list.